God Made Man In His Own Image

God made man in his own image and likeness and all he created was perfect. What this implies, is that everything that you shall ever need to live successful on earth has been made available for you right from creation. You are created to take charge and dominate circumstances and situations around you. There are however certain clause and principles that must be activated to enjoy these privilege.

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What is your belief?

There are certain individuals that respond to the ambient temperature of their environment. This sort of response is synonymous with an instrument called thermometer. Each time there is inflation, depression or slide in the economy, they start to panic and behave strangely. It saddens me when I see individuals with great potential and gifts rotting away in squalor and poverty waiting for meager monthly salaries.

They have indirectly mortgaged their life to their employers and benefactors. This to me is the height of insanity and foolishness. When the upward or downward slide of the economic and political state of a nation determines the level of your success in life, you are obviously doomed forever. Your life must be controlled by the Almighty God and not anything else. He is the author and finisher of our life, not the dubious policies of the nation.

When a man believes that he cannot survive without working for someone else, he indirectly limits the creativity and gift of God upon his life. Such individuals always end as mediocre and under-achievers while been contented to stay alive. It is not only an aberration, but an abuse of the gift and potential bestowed on them.

There is however another set of individuals who determine what happens around them. Their response to external factors can be likened to that of an instrument called the thermostat. They are fully in charge of their environment and not the other way round. When prices of items are going up astronomically, they keep their cool and remain confident of a better tomorrow.

In the year 2009 when the banking reform was at it's peak, most bankers lost their jobs and became permanently frustrated in life. Some we're however fortunate, as they had made plans for their future. The mass retrenchment made them to dig inward and what they discover transformed their life forever. They discovered that heir greatest asset was lying fallow inside them. They also discovered that their destinies we're not tied to the success or failure of the bank. They took a hold of their destinies and became entrepreneurs.

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