Well my first transfer in this area is over.

Well my first transfer in this area is over. It went by so fast, and I loved it so much! Elder Ruggeri and I are going to stay together in Ala 2, and I am so stoked! This week was so great, and things are going so well in this area. I love the ward so much. All the members are starting to say that we are making our mark on Ala 2, and they really like us and what we are doing. I feel so close to the members, they are like my family here in Curitiba!

This week was so great! We are finding so many people and we are being blessed in so many ways. This week, we found a family of 6 people, and a family of 3 or 4. Unfortunately, they didn't go to church, but we are going to continue working with them this week, and help them get to church.

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We are planning to have two baptisms this Sunday, we found a lady from Haiti, she said that she always went to the LDS church there, but was never baptised! Holler back! We also have a man that loves the church, and he accepted a date this Sunday as well. We are super excited, and we are going to help them this week!

This Saturday might have been the best day of the mission! I returned to Piraqaura, and I baptized Silvia. All of the members of the ward we're there, and they we're so excited to see me. I was able to see 3 of the people that I baptized as well, and they also invited me to go through the temple with them soon, in about 5 or 6 months! The baptism was so awesome, so spiritual. It was great to really see the fruits of my mission, and see the happiness that the gospel brings to a family. When I baptized Silvia, she came out of the water, and immediately started crying, she gave me a hug, and stayed there crying for a good two minutes. She has been waiting 2 years to have that ordinance done. I was blessed to be a part of it!

Thank you for the Love and support, for the packages, letters, and the love that you always send me. I feel it here 6000 miles away. One year is coming, and I feel one year will go even faster. I am getting really nervous, and feel like I need to take a little more advantage of my short time here in Brazil. I don't really think that I was understanding that the mission has an end.

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