God knows how to change your life

God allows us to suffer under duress unwilling to change our external circumstances until he changes us internally. My situation is unlikely to change in the next few months. I will wake up tomorrow and still need to milk the cows. I will still need to home school my children, feed them, and just love them. I will still need to fill customer orders and all of this has to be done while I am suffering in ways most people will never be required to suffer in this lifetime.

Being a Christian is incredible. Solutions to suffering are often found in simply changing the thought process. No, my external circumstances won't change tomorrow. In fact, there is some suggestion that my situation may worsen. However, God gives us hope in just simply looking to Him and His precepts.

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Yesterday, I talked about feeling outnumbered. There are twelve hands to my two hands. I am sure many mommas reading this blog feel they are outnumbered too. However, through biblical training and applying Gods precepts we're are not outnumbered. We are empowered.

I called my children to the table three weeks ago. I asked them to tell me how many hands I had. They all we're good math students and replied with a hearty two. I asked them to look around the room cluttered with debris. Imagine doing cleaning all of this, plus cooking supper and milking the cows with just two hands. It is bad, isn't it?

My nine year old said it all, Yeah, I wouldn't want to be you.

I asked the children to place their hands on the table with mine. Now tell me how many hands are on the table all together?

The mathematic midget with the lisp quickly answered. Fourteen. Wow that is a lot more.

Right. The bible teaches many hands make light work. Can you imagine how fast we can complete chores if we all work together?

That night I still faced the hardship of running a farm as a single parent under incredible duress. However, I faced it with 14 hands working joyfully together. Three weeks have passed and I am pleased to report that we have streamlined our farm chores. We complete all the chores from milking the cows, caring for the chickens, feeding the dogs, and feeding the goats in one hour. We utilized a buddy system. I pair an older child with a younger child and use a check list in the dairy barn. Each child completes chores as a part of a team.

All of this occurred with a simple paradigm shift. Instead of seeing myself as two hands versus twelve, I was able to with Gods word and by His grace convert the numbers to equal fourteen hands total.

Stay tuned for more discussion on engaging children in the family business for amusement, much needed help and pure joy.

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