Mr. All-or-Nothing

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the path of life


I think that's it. That's a core issue for me. I am utterly unsatisfied with average; with the world around me, and within myself.

Go running a couple times a week, just for general well-being? Not good enough! PR every time and do longer and harder races!

Take a little rest time on a Saturday? Nope.12 hours in a row of video games, movies, vegging ALL DAY.

Mmmm1 slice of pizza? That won't break the calorie bank. NO!! EAT ALL THE PIZZA!!

Oh, foot hurting a bit? Stay off it for a week, then ease back in a little at a time. NOPE! I want to run my 6 miles today or I quit for a month!!

I know it's not exactly "rational" thinking. But I think it's a fairly frequent way that my mind works. And this can be seen across all facets of my life, not just health/fitness. I'm like this sometimes in my relationships with friends/family; in the way I approach worship & relationship with God; in the way I am overwhelmed or bored at work; from not reading any books for months to reading several in a short amount of time; etc

I don't yet have an action plan to do anything about this going forward. I think this is just taking stock of reality and being honest and aware of myself. If you know me at all, please chime in and vote if you think this is true of me, or if you think it's true of you or in general.

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